Writing becomes complicated when we do not know about the proper grammar rules. We all know that it is quite tough to understand all rules and to fit in our writing, but there are few tips which will help you to refine your academic skills. Writing is important whether you are a student, businessman, teacher, trainer or whatever your profession is. If your writing skills are better you’ll become an eye-catcher for all the persons.

Due to some dopy mistakes, you felt ashamed. So, now you have to stop this all and become a better writer by following some useful tips.

1#. A fair amount of practice

You cognize that “practice makes the man perfect” and it’s a real fact when you push yourself more into your practices, you’ll see easily change in your writing. The more you write, the more you get because the repetitive practice makes your writing best. Undoubtedly, it is frustrating for you to write on daily basis but after enrolling yourself on the regular basis you will become an addict, and pull better words, ideas, and content in your writing.

2#. Read as much as you can

Well, you must surprise by reading it, because you may only listen to that for improving your writing you just need to write and write, but the actual way to improve your writing is developing reading skills. This means you need to improve your reading skills to better your writing and the best reading stuff should be humor, poetry, science fictions, and other general prose. This will help you to identify what sounds good in your writing. When you read the novels or whatever you like to read you will become the good writer and also correct your grammar and spelling especially to your vocabulary.

3#. Take help from friends

The most awkward situation for every student is they do not feel comfortable to share writing material with their friends because of the fear of getting embarrassed.  But you have to share your writing skills with your friends because they are the only persons where you can clear your all doubts without any fear so, please share your work and get some tips from your friend who is best in writing so you will also become good.

4#. Use Grammar checker

Today, the most convenient way to check out your whole mistakes especially to your grammar rules is using the grammar application. In so many options, the GrammarLookup is great software which helps in correcting the grammatical errors easily.

5#. Learn From Your Mistakes

Especially while using grammar lookup application you must learn from your mistakes that will help you to write better for the next time.  Learning from mistakes is a good thing to perform well in any task especially when it comes to showing your skills.


To share your thoughts, you need an effective and creative writing. I hope this will become better with these useful tips.


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