Best online writing tools to use for students

The biggest challenge for any writer is producing content without grammatical errors. Other than that, writers have to focus on content originality, research methods, plagiarism checking and various other tasks. A piece of content would only produce the necessary appeal if it is error free in every way. If the written content does not have grammatical issues but there are plagiarism traces, Google would reject the content. Along with that, readers would not trust the website as the content would be plagiarized. Readers today are very smart and they check each and every aspect of the written content.

Deliver quality content with the finest tools

Technological advancements have made things extremely easy for content developers. For instance, of you talk about proofreading content, there is no need to go through each line manually, rectify the mistakes and bring the content into the desired form. No such steps have to be performed. If you want to check the grammar of written content, simply use a grammar checker and the written text would be scanned completely. There is no need to spend several hours and proofread the content.

Some of the best online writing tools which you can take advantage of are mentioned below.

Grammar Check

Written content does not carry any value if it has grammatical issues and this is something you need to understand. Grammar check is a 100% online tool and there is no need to download any application. The tool is very simple to use. Once you click the link to the tool, a web page would be opened in front of you on which a text box would be present.

  • You can create a content piece by typing or selecting text from an existing document and paste it in the text box. After that, click the “check” button. The tool would check the written information and identify all the mistakes made. After that, you need to rectify each mistake and rescan the content. Once you see that no mistakes are being highlighted, it simply means that the content is error free. Grammar check is a quality tool that checks written content for grammatical mistakes.
  • If you are using grammar check, no time needs to be spent on manual proofreading. Consider that you have to work on a corporate proposal and the deadline is tight. Using grammar check simply means that no time would be required for editing the content. All you need to do is complete the writing tasks. Once you are done with the writing work, get the content scanned through grammar check. The tool would highlight all kinds of mistakes for you.

Google Docs

It is a fact that you can create documents using various software applications for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Using an offline tool/application has its negatives as well. The first issue is that you would have to download the tool and most of them are not free. Even if the tool is free, it would be for a limited time span. Secondly, if you are working in the form of a team, the collaboration would be done through emails. If more than one person has to work on the same document, multiple copies would be made and this would make editing a cumbersome process.

  • Google Docs is an amazing tool for collaboration. You can create a document and share it with other people. If you are working on a work-related team presentation, a final copy can be created through Google Docs easily. The document can be created and shared with ease. No soft wares have to be downloaded and no emails have to be sent. Through Google docs, you can give adequate rights to people. If you do not want everyone to edit the document, you can give a “view only” right as well.
  • Google Docs allows you to make documents, spreadsheets as well as presentations in a convenient manner. All the documents are stored online in Google Drive. No soft wares need to be installed to use Google Docs. All you need is a working internet connection.

Office 365

Collaboration and teamwork are very important these days. In most organizations, employees work in the form of a team. Consider that you have to create a proposal with four other team members, what would be your strategy to create one final document. A tool like office 365 would make things very simple for you. Given below are some key features of office 365.

  • This tool allows you to create presentations, documents as well as spreadsheets. Thus, it can be said that the tool meets diverse user requirements. Consider that you are a financial expert and have to prepare the annual balance sheet after coordinating with other team members. Instead of each team member creating an individual copy of the document offline, one collaborated copy can be created online.
  • With office 365, users do not need to install any offline applications. All documents are created online and saved in “one drive”. You can access and edit the documents from any device with a valid internet connection. As the documents are accessed and edited online, you do not even need to install MS office.

Summing It Up

It is a fact that writing content requires a lot of concentration and effort. If you are using high quality tools to get the job done, things would become much easier for you. For instance, grammar check is used to read through written content and highlight mistakes made. The writer can check these mistakes and rectify them. The tool gives suggestions so that the user does not have to think about correct options. Google Docs is an amazing online tool which allows users to create and edit documents in a collaborated manner. You can access and modify your document from any laptop, tablet or even smart phone with valid internet connection.


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