Preparation Strategy for Reasoning


Reasoning/Logical Reasoning is an important part of all the competitive exams today. Most of the students consider it the most difficult subject to prepare, but it’s not like that. If you practise daily and work hard to improve your logical ability, Reasoning would be the easiest subject to prepare and after that, you would score more in any of the competitive exams.

Reasoning and Mathematics are the scoring subjects for any of the exams. Maths involves formulas, so students prepare it, by practising. But when it comes to Reasoning section, they lose their mind. Here we are providing some tips to prepare Logical Reasoning section to prepare you for the upcoming competitive exams –

Reasoning/Logical Reasoning includes following topics –

Easy and less time-consuming Topics:

  • Day, Date and time
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Dictionary Arrangement
  • Series

Tips: Candidates should prefer these topics for solving. These are easy to solve, takes less time as compared to other topics. You don’t need to practise hard for these topics.

Day, Date and time: Prepare this topic according to calendar format. Note down the month series and no. of seconds and minutes in an hour. Read it daily for 5 minutes only.

Data Sufficiency: This type of question generally gives two sentences and ask whether both are required or only one or none of these. You have to check both the sentences for the exact solution.

Dictionary Arrangement: Arrange a particular word alphabetically. You should have the basic knowledge of dictionary format that how words are arranged in this.

Series: Pick which one is odd among the given series. Try to understand the pattern quickly to solve the question.

Medium Level Topics:

  • Coding-Decoding
  • Paper Cutting/Folding
  • Blood Relation
  • Syllogism

Tips: After solving the above topic wise question, prefer to look at these topics in your competitive exam.

Coding Decoding: It’ll take a little bit of your time but once you understand the pattern it is the easiest topic to solve. There are only a few patterns which you have to keep in mind.

Paper Cutting/Folding: Practice this by using a handkerchief, it’ll help you to understand that how patterns are made while cutting from a particular corner/place.

Blood Relation: Solve these questions by putting up yourself in a relation, given in the question. Then it’ll be easy to understand the relationships.

Syllogism: For most of the students it’s a very confusing topic but once you learn to make assumptions, it’s the easiest topic. Try these questions by drawing Venn diagrams. Fix the sentence, given in question and then make assumptions strictly according to the information given in the question.

Time-Consuming Difficult Topics:

  • Sitting Arrangement
  • Machine Input Output
  • Puzzles

Tips: These topics take extra time to solve if you have the time then pick the topics otherwise avoid.

Sitting Arrangement: These type of questions generally follows table and line sequence and candidate direction pattern. Best way to master in this topic is practising and practising more by considering you in the question and assuming your left and right directions.

Machine Input Output: This topic is asked only in Bank online exams. This is the most difficult topic of Reasoning Section, so you can avoid it. Otherwise, practise it by realising the pattern of a sentence as quickly as possible and practise by only first letter of every word of the sentence.

Puzzles: Puzzles consume a lot of time. Floor, city, job profile wise puzzle will be easy to solve by practising from a good reasoning book.

How to Improve your Logical Reasoning Section: 

Here we are sharing some points with you to score well in reasoning, try to improve your logical section of reasoning by following the points –

  1. Take Online Reasoning Aptitude Test Regularly
  2. Personal Coaching from the best tutor available.
  3. Follow Best Books –
  • RS Aggarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning of M K Pandey
  • A New Approach to Reasoning (both verbal and non-verbal)- BS Sijwali, Indu Sijwal
  • Logical & Analytical Reasoning – A. K. Gupta
  1. Practise and only Practise
  2. Stick to timing – Give each question a limited time, if not solved in that time, leave the question.

You can improve your Logical Reasoning by solving various puzzle games like Sudoku, mind games etc. Exercise every topic on the regular basis, it’ll help you in remembering the short tricks and methods.


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