Want Today’s Hottest Job? Get the Facts on Registered Nursing

It’s no secret that the American healthcare sector is growing at an unprecedented rate – with no end to the boom in sight. So, it’s not shocking that today’s hottest job falls into this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupation with the largest employment growth is registered nurses.

Registered nurses already hold around 2.5 million jobs and employment is expected to grow much faster than average in the coming years. The need for nurses is skyrocketing –thanks to advances in technology that make it possible for a greater number of health problems to be treated and an increasing emphasis on preventive care.

Another major factor contributing to the demand for nurses is America’s large aging population. More nurses are reaching retirement leaving vacancies behind. And, a larger number of older people also means a larger population of people who are likely to need medical treatment.

If you’re interested in becoming a registered nurse, find out about the nursing programs in your area. The road to becoming a nurse doesn’t have to take 4 years. Many career-based schools offer associate degree programs that can be completed in 2 to 3 years. Some colleges and universities also offer accelerated BSN programs for people who already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field.

Here are a few more facts about today’s hottest job:

  • Registered nurses are projected to generate about 587,000 new jobs through 2017.
    •    Job opportunities are expected to be excellent but may vary by employment setting.
    •    Hundreds of thousands of jobs are expected to be created by nurses who retire or leave the occupation.
    •    More than half of registered nurses work in hospitals.
    •    Most registered nursing holds a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree or a diploma from an approved nursing program.
    •    Median annual earnings of registered nurses were $70,000 in May 2017.


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