Although there are many different kinds of writing services to be found online, they can generally be divided into two groups – custom papers and downloadable papers.

What is the difference?

That is a good question and it is really important to understand the difference when looking for a writing service to provide an essay, assignment or dissertation.

A custom essay service provides a bespoke service to students. The student can submit the title of the paper, assignment or to the custom paper writing service, such as the brand-new kind of custom essay writing service who then uses an expert in that particular field to write the essay. A downloadable writing service does not provide custom made essays at all – the student chooses what could be thought of as the most relevant essay and then it is up to the student what happens once it is downloaded.

Custom made essays, such as custom essays on, are more expensive due to the nature of the service that is being provided. The assignment is fully researched and written by an expert, it is checked by an editor and then there are guarantees available with custom essays that cannot be provided with downloadable essays. Custom essays are plagiarism free and will not be sold on to other students. There can be no guarantees with downloadable papers that they have not been plagiarised. Neither, do you know how many times the essays have been downloaded?

Yes, but downloadable essays are cheaper!

 There is no doubt that downloaded essays are much cheaper. However, students who hand in downloaded essays run a far higher risk of handing in plagiarized papers or even handing in the same paper that someone else on their course has also handed in and the consequences can be extremely severe – students have been thrown out of university when this has happened.

So what are the advantages of buying a custom paper from a writing service?

 There are many advantages to buying a custom paper rather than a downloadable paper.

The custom paper, such as that available from the brand new kind of custom essay writing service, is tailored to the exact needs of the student. The student instructs the service about what the title is, what the word count is and what the referencing style should be within the assignment to conform to their school’s expectations. Students can specify the particular content that should be included in their paper if necessary. Students downloading essays have no such control compared to students who get their papers and custom essays on

If a student is in any doubt as to whether it is best to get a custom essay or a downloadable essay, it is always worth spending a bit more money to get a custom paper which is tailored to the specific needs of the student. For any student who still isn’t convinced, think of how it would feel to be kicked out of uni for plagiarizing, or for handing in an essay which is identical to one that another student has handed in. It is much better to get a custom paper from writing services such as the brand new kind of custom essay writing service


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