Retraining Programs for Better Careers

It seems like a mantra being beaten upon a drum: recession, job loss and economic downturn. In these trying times, how do people reinvent themselves and their careers? Well, The Wall Street Journal touched on this very subject in its article “The Jobless Go Back to School and, They Hope, Work“.

Basically, the article sums up the career journey of Mr. Smith. He is your typical blue collar worker earning a nice salary at a Chrysler plant. When his plant closed down, there weren’t very many options for this high school graduate, at least not in this faltering economy. Mr. Smith came across a retraining program that was offered in his hometown. He is back in school and is retraining himself to enter the in-demand field of Information Technology with two Associate degrees.

Retraining programs are becoming more popular options for people who have been laid off or have seen their jobs outsourced to another country. Both state and federal levels support this type of funding through various forms of financial aid. But, with the economy continuing to decline, these types of programs are also facing the budget ax.

This leads us to the current economic stimulus proposal. Included in the House’s bill, there is a portion of funds, roughly $4 billion that would be for job training, including programs for dislocated employees.

People can turn their misfortunes of the recession to go back to school and retrain for an in-demand career. Start your search with Educationcareertips.


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